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Name:Faith Lehane
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America

Disclaimer: I don't own Faith, nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This profile is for roleplaying purposes only.

Background: Faith Lehane grew up in South Boston to an alcoholic/drug addict mother and she never really knew her father. After being taken from her mom, she spent her teenage years in and out of juvenile detention and skipping out on almost all her foster parents.

In 1998, Faith was called as a vampire Slayer. Her watcher, Diana Dormer, soon became the closest thing she'd ever had to a mother. However, soon after she was called Dormer was killed in front of her by the master vampire, Kakistos. Faith then fled to Sunnydale, CA where she met the other Slayer Buffy and her friends. Faith was immediately jealous of Buffy's life. But at the start Buffy and Faith did form an amicable relationship.

That all changed when on a patrol with Buffy when Faith accidentally staked and killed the Deputy Mayor of Sunnydale. Refusing help and bottling up her problems, she eventually joined the Mayor of Sunnydale, Richard Wilkins, and his plot to ascend into an Old One.

She killed another man while working for the Mayor, and then attempted to kill Angel (the vampire with a soul) too, Buffy's then boyfriend. Buffy ultimately came after her and during the ensuing fight Buffy stabbed Faith with her own knife. In order to prevent Buffy from using her blood to save Angel, Faith fell off a building and onto a moving truck. The fall and the injuries she sustained put her in a deep coma.

Finally waking after months in a coma, Faith attempted to steal Buffy's body with a device the Mayor gave to her and by proxy steal the life she'd always been so jealous of. When Faith failed, she fled to LA. Once there she was paid by Wolfram&Hart to kill Angel; a job she readily accepted. After attacking Angel and his friends, she managed to capture Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (her former Watcher from Sunnydale). She brutally tortured Wes before Angel finally came to the rescue. During his fight with Faith, she broke down in tears and begged him to kill her. She then turned herself in to the police and went to prison.

A few years later she broke out with the assistance of Wesley in order to save Angel. After she helped Angel, she returned to Sunnydale to aide Buffy in her fight against the First Evil. After the collapse of Sunnydale into a giant crater once they defeated the First, Faith went to the Cleveland Hellmouth with several other of the newly activated Slayers.

Every day Faith works to redeem herself and her past actions. She'll never be perfect and she'll never be a tried & true hero, but she's trying. She arrived to the village after 3 months in Cleveland. She was in mid-patrol with two other Slayers. She's confused an mildly pissed about the whole thing.

Personality: Faith is by outward appearances a very strong and confident individual. This is, of course, a mask to cover up her insecurities about her self-worth. She is very sexually assured and will flirt with almost anyone. Faith is not very well educated, having never even graduated high school. However, she is by no means an idiot having spent a significant portion of her life fending for herself.

She enjoys partying, drinking, and kicking ass. If they are all combined, even better. She has a tendency to wear sexually revealing clothing, and is especially fond of leather.

Faith does not place much value on herself or her own life, and while she would never kill herself, she is known to leap with out thinking and would give her own life to protect those she cares about without a second thought (especially when it comes to Angel). She enjoys slaying demons, but fears that violent side of herself.

She has never had a serious relationship, only flings and one night stands. While she would never admit it, she's always longed for love. She tried to have that with Robin Wood in Sunnydale, but in the end she couldn't make it stick.
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